East Oxford Shotokan karate
Traditional Shotokan karate
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Thinking of joining?

To start off with, you can try karate with us for a couple of weeks to see if you like it. You really should carry on taking lessons for a few weeks to try it out, do not judge it after your first lesson.

Each weekly lesson is £5 per person for both adults and juniors. Families of three persons or more will be given a discount of £1 per person.
You can pay for a full calendar month on the first training of the month. Then the fee is £20 per person and calendar month (or £16 pp&cm for families of three of more).

After the first trial period of a couple of weeks, when you carry on with your training you need to become a member of the Karate Association.
Lifetime membership in the association is £40.
This is a one-time registration fee and it includes a free karate suit and belt and gives you a grading record book.

It is a requirement to have insurance when practising karate, since it is seen as a "combat sport". You have to purchase an annual license every year. This includes your insurance and all gradings.
The license fee is currently £15 per 12 month period.

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