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If you attend all classes, you will be able to take a grading every third month if your trainer think that your karate has progressed well. The grading is taken by the SSKA official grading examiners and are held at SSKA grading centres. The closest from Oxford is in Swindon. Currently run at New College, Swindon.

Current grading fees are £26 for juniors and £28 for seniors, plus a fee for the lesson on the day of grading. (Currently £14.)

There is also a pre-grading session, roughly one month before the actual grading, where the senior instructors will hold a lesson and give you some hints and tips if need be. This pre-grading session is mandatory for anyone who wishes to grade.

The Oxford club will do its best to co-ordinate transport to and from the gradings and pre-gradings, but any help from students with cars will be much appreciated.
The grading syllabus for each grade can be found on the main SSKA web site.

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